I’m an oil painter who is just trying to figure out what it’s all about to be an artist, to survive in the world and to thrive as an independent person. Instead of a fancy artist bio, I will just say — I’m an artist, a painter, a photographer, I wanted to be a musician before I figured out that I couldn’t sing. A many-years blocked writer, a lover of life, love and magic. A frustrated poet, a shaman-wanna-be, a fame-and-fortune seeker, adventurer, athlete-in-training, neo-luddite, retired foodie, comedienne, extroverted introvert, recovering insomniac, heart-hunter, joker, reluctant puzzled puzzler.

One thought on “About

  1. that’s a pretty intimidating number of to-dos.
    don’t know whether to be amazed at your psychospiritualogical bucket list or that it seems you’re doing so well with it.
    you might wanna get another list ready.
    and an extra bucket or two.


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